16 July 2014

The wolves will come again

Tein tuossa mielenkiinnosta Tarot Birth Card Calculaation. Linkki ihan siksi, jos teitä kiinnostaa tehdä.
Tulokseksi tuli The Sun, Wheel of Fortune ja The Magician.

Muutamia lainauksia tämän kolminaisuuden kuvauksesta.

The Sun reveals the shape and nature of everything, and fills whatever it touches with confidence and energy.
The Wheel experiences and accepts everything, and is excited by whatever happens to it.
The Magician manipulates everything with skill and intention, awakening and enlivening whatever he pays attention to.

The motto of The Sun is "I am." The job of The Sun is to be the engine that turns all the wheels of the world.
The motto of The Wheel is "Wheeee!" The job of The Wheel is to enjoy, both the intensity of the unpredictable moment and the serenity of grand and dependable cycles.
His motto is "I will," and he discounts the possibility of failure. The job of The Magician is to make intention into reality, no matter how unlikely or improbable, and in the process, to amaze all who watch him do it.

Together, they coruscate — unpredictably glistening, flashing, darkening, reflecting and revealing, multiplying the unexpected and expanding the boundaries of the known and normal by a whole dimension.

Näitä on ihan mukava tehdä, vaikkei näihin usko. Jotenkin silti aina löytyy jotain, johon voi samaistua vahvastikin.

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